Shadow Mountain Ranch lake
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Shadow Mountain Ranch - Managing for Wildlife and Compatible Humans.
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Welcome to Shadow Mountain Ranch's Home on the Web! Shadow Mountain Ranch is a private hunting and fishing ranch. We are working to return the current habitat, which consists of introduced grasses, to its native habitat (mid-grass prairie).

The ranch consists of 432 acres, with an old Soil Conservation lake and spillway at the heart. It also has 5 tanks that continuously hold water, 1 wet weather tank and 1 that has silted over.

The predominant introduced grasses are Coastal, Johnson with some Bahia. Post Oak and mesquite are the predominant trees

The predominant wildlife is Whitetail deer, feral hogs, waterfowl, Great Blue Herons, Turkey Buzzards, catfish, Largemouth Bass, Mourning Dove and other birds and critters.

We are currently using prescribed burning to change the grass structure with the hopes of native grasses coming from the seed bank and from re-seeding.

The ranch is in the Post Oak Savannah area of Navarro County, Texas. Our hopes are to return it (as much as possible) to its native vegetation.

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